Essential oils are a perfect natural solution that can help us to dramatically improve both our health and our home environment. They provide a safe and effective natural solution to common pharmaceutical and cleaning products. By choosing to use essential oils over conventional products we can reduce our exposure to toxins and other harmful ingredients.

Our top ten essential oils are highlighted below. Oils like Breathe can help to clear the sinuses, while Lavender and Peppermint can relieve a headache; DigestZen can ease abdominal pain and discomfort, and Deep Blue will relieve sore muscles. So many solutions without the need to visit a pharmacy.

You can also make your own household cleaning products with Melaleuca, Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint essential oil.

Support your immune system with Frankincense oil and OnGuard. Also, don’t forget to use Lavender essential oil as part of a relaxing bath or foot spa.

Oregano essential oil deserves its own special mention. This essential oil can be used as an antibiotic under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. It is excellent at resolving skin fungal infections when applied topically with a carrier oil. Due to its powerful antibacterial properties, you can also add it to your homemade cleaning products.

Top Ten Essential Oils


1. DigestZen
Combats digestive distress, reduces gas and bloating, gives relief to an upset stomach and supports healthy acidity in the stomach.

2. Melaleuca
Supports healthy skin, destroys harmful bacteria, inhibits growth of fungus, supports healthy teeth and mouth.

3. OnGuard
Provides immune support, supports healthy cell function, improves energy and gut health.

4. Deep Blue
Relieves muscle discomfort, soreness, and eases muscle tension.

5. Breathe
Respiratory support, aids in clearing out the lungs and chest, and helps increase oxygen to the lungs.

6. Lavender
Emotionally uplifting, calming to the nervous system, supports healthy sleep patterns, nourishes the skin, and reduces pain and inflammation.

7. Peppermint
A great cleanser, it reduces pain, supports healthy digestion, increases focus and alertness, and reduces body temperature.

8. Lemon
Immune system stimulant, it protects the body against infections. It is also an excellent cleanser, helps improve mood, and has a refreshing and uplifting aroma.

9. Frankincense
The ‘King’ of all essential oils! Supports healthy-cell growth and unhealthy-cell removal. Very calming for the nervous system, reduces pain, and nourishes the skin.

10. Oregano
Very powerful antioxidant properties, supports healthy digestion, and can be used as cleaning and purifying agent. Known as nature’s antibiotic.

As mentioned above, Frankincense oil is called the ‘King of Oils’. You can find out about The Amazing Benefits of Frankincense Oil in this article that highlights how Frankincense oil can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and fight cancer cells.

If you are wondering exactly how essential oils work and produce these amazing results in our physical and emotional body, this article on How do Essential Oils Improve Your Health? has all the answers.

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