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How does Sugar Affect Your Body?

Do you know how much sugar you are consuming each day and what it is doing to your body? The overconsumption of sugar is a major cause of chronic inflammation and disease. However, many people think that a little bit of sugar is fine, but is it really? Refined sugar...

The Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

You have probably seen shots of wheatgrass juice being sold in health stores and juice bars. This hard-core health drink became popular among people wanting to cure and prevent disease. First brought to popularity in the 1940s by Ann Wigmore, founder of the...

Raw Milk—The New Superfood

Raw milk is fresh, unprocessed and comes straight from the cow, sheep or goat. It has not been heat-treated or pasteurized. You may have heard of the health benefits of drinking raw milk but you could also be concerned about the possible risks. Is raw milk really...

Are Melatonin Supplements Safe?

There’s nothing worse than trying to get through the day on only a few hours’ sleep. In fact, sleep deprivation can lead to a higher risk of chronic health issues such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It’s no wonder that people turn to supplements...

Do I Really Need to Go Gluten-Free?

Everybody seems to be going gluten-free these days and many people wonder if they “should” cut gluten out of their diet. Should we all be gluten-free? Are we harming our bodies by eating gluten? This can be a confusing topic and the answers may depend on whom you talk...

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