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How to Treat a Fever Naturally

Fevers are a natural part of childhood illnesses. However, parents often worry and wonder at what point they should seek medical help. The good news is that a fever is the body’s way of fighting infection and it means that it is working hard to heal itself. The bad...

What is Diverticulitis and How to Treat It

Diverticulitis is a disease of the digestive tract that has become more common in the western world over the past 100 years. A low fiber diet and age—it is more prevalent in individuals over 40—are two of the main risk factors. Diverticulitis can be an upsetting and...

5 Keys to Being Healthy

Our state of health is the foundation for our life. Being healthy gives us the energy and vitality we need to live our life to the fullest. When we are healthy we feel motivated to set and achieve goals that we are passionate about. However, sadly many people don’t...

5 Ways to Detox your Body Daily

Detoxing our body is easier than we think and we don’t need to resort to special cleanses or fasts to do it. It is possible to detox our body on a daily basis using safe, gentle and effective methods. In fact, incorporating daily detox practices into your life is a...

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