Your body can provide you with valuable feedback and information to help you improve your health and find balance in your life. The key is in knowing how to tune into our body and trusting the messages that it sends you. The following three steps can help you to access the knowing that is already within you and provide a path to help you be the expert on your body and your health.

Our body has an innate wisdom and when we tune into that wisdom, we create a powerful connection between body, mind and spirit.

1. Notice the feedback from your body

Your body is constantly communicating with you. For example, it will let you know when you are tired or hungry. However, it will also send you a myriad of more subtle messages such as a dip in energy or concentration, a feeling of over excitement, a lack of motivation, a slight stiffness in the joints, or a heavy or light feeling.

If you are busy or distracted you may not notice these messages. If you pay attention, you can tune into these messages and notice if there is a connection with any of the following:

A food you are eating — After eating a particular food, do you feel tired, experience digestive upset, or feel overexcited, heavy or unmotivated?

Your lifestyle — Are you getting enough exercise and fresh air? Are you eating a balance of protein, fat and carbs? Are you taking time out each day to relax? Do you sleep well?

Your emotions — Is there a difficult emotional situation in your life that needs resolving? Do you feel fulfilled spiritually and emotionally?

If there is an area of imbalance in your life it can manifest as a symptom in your body and your body will communicate that message to you.

Action step: Over the next week take a few moments each day to tune into your body and write down any insights that you have. For example:

  • How do you feel after the food you eat? Can you determine which foods may be causing symptoms in your body? Be honest with yourself about your diet and any changes you may need to make in order to improve your health. You may find these two articles helpful: Do I Really Need to Go Gluten-free? and 5 Ways to Detox Your Body Daily
  • Can you see a connection between a symptom you are experiencing and anything else that is going on in your life? Without overthinking this write down your first thoughts and impressions.

2. Look out for warning signs

Stop and pay attention to any warning signs that your body sends you and take action to resolve the issue.

The following are some ways that your body can send a signal to let you know that there is something very wrong that needs your immediate attention.

  • pain
  • discomfort
  • constant fatigue
  • digestive issues
  • mood swings
  • unexplained weight gain or weight loss
  • loss of appetite
  • bouts of light headedness
  • brain fog
  • inability to concentrate
  • tingling sensations
  • skin rashes or acne
  • headaches or migraines
  • inflamed gums

Action step: Seek out a holistic practitioner or medical doctor who can help with your issue. Looking at the root cause of your issue will always bring about the most effective healing solution.

3. Listen to your intuition, take action & notice the feedback from your body

Whilst we can gain much information and inspiration from others, ultimately we are the expert on what works best for our body and our lifestyle. There is no “one” right diet for everyone. When determining what works best for you, your intuition can help.

In the context of a wholefoods diet, are their certain foods that you are drawn to? Notice any recurring thoughts, ideas or images that you experience around food and diet. For example, perhaps someone is following the Paleo diet because they believe it is the only “correct” way to eat, but they feel very drawn to eating carbohydrates in the form of oats and sourdough breads. They could follow their intuition and then notice how their body feels after eating, say, a bowl of oats.

Value your own intuition, take action on it and then notice the feedback from your body.

Action step: In a notebook or journal record any intuitive thoughts, feelings or ideas that you have around food, diet and lifestyle. Begin to take action on these “intuitive hits” and notice how you feel afterwards by paying attention to your physical and emotional body. 


When we take the time to tune into our body and take the appropriate action, we are taking responsibility for our own health and we are empowered. We just need to practice awareness — this allows us to hear the messages that our body sends us, understand what may be causing the dis-ease and to take action to improve our health.



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