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Patti Bologna

Patti is the founder of and driving force behind Mindfully Nourished. She is a highly experienced Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach. She runs a busy clinical practice where she combines her expertise, experience and compassionate manner to guide her clients to optimal health.

She is a passionate advocate of essential oils and as an expert she loves to educate people on how to build their own natural medicine cabinet. She believes in the power of food as medicine and the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

Patti knows that knowledge is power and she loves nothing more than to pass on her wealth of knowledge to help and inspire others. Her aim at Mindfully Nourished is to empower readers so that they can take control of their own health while educating them on how to mindfully nourish their body.

“My goal is to help individuals and families find effective, natural solutions to their health issues.”

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